How to Display Pictures within Forums

How to Display Pictures within Forums

Postby markppearson » Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:11 pm

Hello everyone. Welcome to the 'new' place for telling, and showing, us all what you get upto.

A tip and the best way for displaying pictures within Forums like this is to use an external picture hosting site. Most members are quite familiar with this way, and again most tend to use such hosts like Photobucket, which is free to get an account with.

Simple and easy to do.

1. If not done already, sign up for a Photobucket Account here :arrow: PHOTOBUCKET.
2. Upload all or any of the pictures you wish to display to Photobucket.
3. After the uploader has finished, come to the Forum area in which you wish to display a picture. (I find it easier to do this with Forum in one Window/Tab, and Photobucket in another.)
4. Start your thread/topic/reply in the normal. At the point in which you wish to the picture to appear, copy the 'IMG Code' tag underneath the picture on your Photobucket page.
5. Return back to wear you wish the picture to be placed within your text by placing the cursor there. Then right click and select 'Paste'. The text displayed should be something along the lines of ... tos-B-.jpg, but with [img]and[/img] at either end respectively, which would give you a picture of a Ford Mondeo ST24, like this....

6. Finish your text input off to complete your post, and click submit.

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