Useful sites for Green Laning

Useful sites for Green Laning

Postby markppearson » Mon May 05, 2008 11:29 pm

If your planning a Green Laning trip, best to read through some of these.

Will give you ideas on Rights of Way, Routes, Regulations etc etc. Please remember, as a Club, who is recognised and affiliated to GLASS, and as a Member of, displaying a 'Yellow Diamond', we have a Duty of Social Care & Responsibility to the Environment in our activities.

A good saying is "Play nice, play fair!"

Click the link to visit the site :

Neither myself, The Yellow Diamond Clubs nor its associates accept any responsibility or condone any act which results in any infringement of any laws carried out by its Members associated with these type of activities and/or motorised recreation. These websites and the information contained within them are intended as a guide only, and may not been 'upto-the-minute' current and/or accurate. Please allow for the common sense factor. Enjoy your day.

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